I’m bursting at the seams with things to tell you, partly because I haven’t blogged in so long, partly because I just read someone else’s blog who keeps a running list of things to share (most of them actually interesting or helpful, as opposed to my upcoming list of slightly boring details from my overly-stuffed brain), and partly because I have SO MUCH happening in my quiet little world.

So much, in fact, that I will probably have to break this post into a series.  Which would be good.  Then you would have something interesting (hopefully?) to read in the coming days, instead of once in a blue moon.

And speaking of blue moons, there is an absolutely amazing yellow moon glowing above the trees of the mountain view from my dormer window.  Mrs. B texted me to be sure I didn’t miss it as I put the kids to bed.

So the moon, and the view, and the so-fun-neighbor who texts me to see the moon and saves lids for my son’s lid collection kick off my totally random list of thoughts running, no sprinting through my mind.

Yes, you read that right.  My son has a lid collection.  During our move this summer, he started collecting lids from our water jugs, which we now no longer need, since the tap water here won’t give you gallbladder disease.  He had to collect other sorts of lids, and it quickly became a game to see how many and what kinds of lids he could collect.  He wants to be in the Guinness Book of World records one day for having the largest lid collection.  So Mrs. B joined the game and has definitely brought the most interesting lids of his collection.

Collecting.  Once again we are collecting Box Tops for Education.  My son’s school made like umpteen thousand dollars last year from Box Tops.  That is simply amazing.  I wish it would make them stop asking for donations from me of both money and extra teacher supplies.  But if that’s what it takes to have such out-of-this-world schools that my children attend, I’ll bring in the donations.  If you don’t mind, stick your box tops in an envelope and mail them to us.  I’ll feel better about not contributing to the classroom ELMO fund.

Since the parents are all broke now from sending in extra Clorox wipes and printer cartridges and math workbook cost supplements, the kids are collecting donations from everyone else for the Healthy Heart Fun Run.  This is Will’s first opportunity to go door-to-door flat out asking people for money to contribute to new technology equipment.  Let me just tell you right now that I HATE FUNDRAISERS.  With a passion.  I hated them when I was in school, and I hate them now, and the only thing I ever want to sell or buy for a fundraiser is Girl Scout cookies.  I love the Samoas and Thin Mints best of all.  But this fundraiser, like it or not, has been a character-building assignment for Will and for me.  Me–because I had to get off my rump and teach him through role-playing, something we rarely do.  And him–because he had to learn how to look someone in the eye, project his voice, speak confidently, make a request to an adult he may or may not know, and then gratefully thank them afterward.  This was a much-needed assignment for him, and he is very much wanting to raise $100 by this Friday so that he can attend the pizza party.  I, however, feel the tug of war between the current school fundraiser and the Cub Scout popcorn fundraiser that is coming, probably like next week.  The good thing about this one is that any amount is helpful.  Cub Scout popcorn, however, is expensive.  But it does at least give the purchaser something tangible in return.

Did I mention that my Eagle Scout husband managed to find himself as an Assistant Den Leader?  I don’t think he meant to do that, but he made a friend with another den leader who really needed help.  That friend’s son happens to be one of Will’s good friends at school.  He has a really sweet family of six.  So sweet, that they invited us to join them and several other couples for Game Day Saturday.

Ah, Game Day.  Saturday was our first Bama Game Day to attend.  Roll Tide.  Did you know that in Alabama, Saturdays during Football Season revolve around Game Day?  Bama flags fly, fans don crimson, and beer flows.  Almost noone watches the game alone.  And afterwards–the camping chairs come out to the lawns while the dogs grill and the police sit watching the main roads.

Shortly after our first Game Day, I “friended” my new friends from the party on facebook, and on one of the friend’s pages, I saw a youtube video of an ESPN Roll Tide commercial.  It taught me a lot about this Alabama culture.  Apparently “Roll Tide” is useful for any expression you need to use it for, not just to root on the home team.  Are you leavin’ your friends house? Roll tide.  Did you pass the test?  Roll Tide.  Is dinner ready?  Roll Tide.  But be sure and say it Bama-style: “Roll Tahd.”  Ha!  Love it.  Now Will tells me with a grin and a wink, “I love you, Mom!  Roll Tide.”

Ah, the many things I love about Alabama.  Sounds like a post for another day.  I guess I’ll let this list come to a close.  But come back tomorrow.  I’m typing the next one “raht now.”