Heather McKelvey, RHIA

Founder of Kalli Camp Academy, Founder and Executive Director of Main Street Web Development LLC, Medical Student at UAB School of Medicine Class of 2024

Welcome!  I’m so glad you stopped in.  A few facts about me…I’m a mom of two teenagers, wife of a minister, and daughter of the King.  I’m a freelance web designer, calligrapher and now medical school student.  My hobbies are too many to name, but my current obsession is teaching what I know about calligraphy to my global calligraphy community @kallialitheia on Instagram. I recently founded Kalli Camp Academy, a virtual calligraphy school, and if you love learning about calligraphy and hand-lettering you should definitely come check that out. I have a collection of knitting patterns you will see below that make it fun and easy to knit beautiful script letters into dishcloths.

I’ve built a space on the web to inspire mindful living through the art of calligraphy, and I’d love for you to join me there at Kallialitheia.com.

The website you are now on is relatively untended and will probably remain this way for the next decade, unless I get really bored and tremendously inspired. As you might can tell, the chances are pretty slim! I hope you will take some time to visit me in my other spaces, because I’ve poured my heart and soul into them.

Download a Free Dishcloth Knitting Pattern

Monogrammed Knitting Patterns

Pattern Info

*The unique script letters are also charted in the pattern for use in other projects.

*One special touch to this pattern is the option of two different styles of borders.

*One average-sized skein of yarn can usually produce at least 2 dishcloths.

*These dishcloths are larger than your typical knit dishcloth pattern, making them easier to use for dishes or bathing.


Yarn weight: Aran / 10 ply (8 wpi) or Worsted Weight
Needle size: US 8 – 5.0 mm
Number of skeins needed: Less than 1

A PDF Collection of Dishcloth Knitting Patterns with Letters A-Z

Delight your friends with the personalized gift of hand-knit monogrammed dishcloths! The script letters used in these dishcloth patterns give an elegant touch, simply created by alternating knit and purl stitches to create each letter. No color-changing is necessary.

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