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William and Heather Kate

If you land on this website you will notice how long it has been since I’ve posted anything new!  That’s because I’m now blogging at WilliamandHeatherKate.com, a newish spot on the web where I’m hoping my hubby will actually throw in a post... read more

Monogrammed Dishcloth PDF Knitting Pattern Letter A

Downloadable PDF Knitting Pattern Delight your friends with the personalized gift of hand-knit monogrammed dishcloths! The script letters used in these dishcloth patterns give an elegant touch, simply created by alternating knit and purl stitches to create each... read more

Monogrammed Knitting Patterns from A-Z

I would like to introduce my debut collection of knitting patterns–Monogrammed Alphabet for Knitters.  These are patterns for knitting dishcloths with a script alphabet letter purled into each rag.  They are very simple and quick to make, and the best thing is... read more

The Night Before School, Re-post

I am re-posting this by special request.  I originally wrote and posted this article in August 2009.  This is not technically the night before school, but alas my friend is begging me to re-post. Tags are trimmed off new clothes and the door lined with shoes.  Packs... read more

Doll Sleeping Bag Sewing Tutorial

Hunter stayed home from school today after a middle-of-the-night onset of a stomach bug. I was sorry for her to feel so bad, especially since the nighttime episode involved a very difficult hair-washing. But when the morning came, and she had slept 3 hours later than... read more

A Running List. Roll Tide!

I’m bursting at the seams with things to tell you, partly because I haven’t blogged in so long, partly because I just read someone else’s blog who keeps a running list of things to share (most of them actually interesting or helpful, as opposed to my... read more


“Ka-POP!” I heard a while ago, as I will grilling some cheese sandwiches for our Sunday evening dinner.  A grin spread across my face as I remembered that familiar evening sound here in the neighborhood.  One evening after we first moved in, I heard a... read more

These Are the People

…in the neighborhood, in the neighborhood, in the neigh-bor-hoo-ood.  These are the people in the neighborhood.  They’re the people that you meet when you’re walking down the street.  They’re the people that you meet each... read more

Sweet Home Alabama

It is finally time for an official move report.  I posted on facebook a couple of weeks ago about our Wild Goose Chase.  We have chased the Wild Goose all the way to Birmingham, Alabama (the city of Helena to be exact), and we now sport “Sweet Home... read more

Chasing the Wild Goose

As I sit here listening to the tromping and hammering of roofers replacing my hail-beaten roof, the one that will only belong to me for 10 more days, and with the inocuous smell of cardboard filling my nostrils and with the faint sounds of Angry Birds cackling,... read more