“I’m sorry to tell you this son,” said Bill, “but I’m afraid we’re going to have to save this one for outside only.” I messed up tonight and made THE best paper airplane either Bill or I have ever seen.  I’ve prided myself in my paper airplane crafting expertise for a while now, but this new and improved version of the Heather Kate airplane really soars to the top of the homemade toy charts.

Several months ago Bill complimented my paper airplanes and tried to no avail to make one that could fly higher or farther.  Earlier this week he did come up with a design that had a nice lift on it when we had our contest in the backyard, and I feared that his engineering and math genius would eventually overpower my sheer luck in paper aircrafting. But it was really hard to tell who was the true winner since 20-mile-an-hour wind tends to give copy paper a bit of a bumpy flight.

Tonight, though.  I modified my tried and true design with my favorite part of his design–the angle of the top fold–and I finally gave in and used 2 strategically-placed pieces of tape (which I had scolded him for earlier this week,) and backup, Jack!  The coolest airplane maker of the house just got a whole lot cooler!  (At least in Bill’s eyes.) wink Not only does my plane soar far and long, it goes up, then flies straight for like, ever.  Bill threw it from the kitchen to the other end of the house, and then marked off the distance at 45 feet.  And that was around furniture, lamps, walls, and the still-decorated Christmas tree.  I cannot WAIT to see what that thing does outside.

But the plane was too good.  It was so good that it became a weapon, easily capable of putting out eyes, breaking furniture, and toppling fortresses.  So now I have to work at making bad airplanes, so we can keep them in the house!