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Spring for a Fresh New Website

Hi there and hello from my home office!  When I gaze outside at the red tips and see the crepe myrtles trying to sneak out some leaves, I’m reminded that despite the cold weather that has returned, spring is still here!  Since it’s time for spring... read more

Where’s the Beef?

According to the meat market employees, we’re “waiting for our truck to come in.” Yeah, aren’t we all, buddy? With more snow falling today, I’m not feeling too hopeful.

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Global Warming Wood Carrier Sewing Pattern

For the first time in several years, we are using our fireplace for its intended purpose. I recently took out the pretty little candle display and turned it into a real wood-burning fireplace. We mostly did this to prepare for a possible power outage (that we... read more

Reversible Crayon Pouch Tutorial

Ever need a quick and easy hand-made gift? This one is perfect for a child who loves to color. Having two crayon fanatics in my household, I have made countless bags and pouches for crayons, always looking for the perfect take-along crayon organizer. I’ve made crayon pouches out of placemats (and even sold one), I’ve made crayon pouches that hook around seatbelts (big-time flop), and I’ve made cinch-able bags to just plain stash a handful of crayons in to throw in my purse. And do you know what? That’s the best one of them all!

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How to Make Gravy from a Roux

Until today, I’ve never successfully made home-cooked gravy. I know, it’s a shame. A perfectly burned roux is an absolute staple in any Louisiana kitchen.

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Confessions of a Housewife

I have recently discovered that I am not a good housekeeper. That fact saddens me, because I am passionate about having a clean house. And I am still a bit in denial about my discovery.

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The Night Before Kindergarten

As if on cue, the rain began falling as I tucked my children into bed this evening.  Last year at this moment in time I wrote an article about The Night Before School.  I was a bit bleary-eyed at the thought of losing my sweet children to the school room for nine... read more

WE Inspire Conference

On March 30th, Main Street Web Development attended the first annual Women Entrepreneurs Inspire Conference in Oklahoma City. With a goal of 400 attendees, the Oklahoma State University Riata Center for Entrepreneurship outdid themselves with an attendance of over 650 women entrepreneurs!

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In the News

Main Street Web Development was featured in the first edition of The Altus Aviator today. Here’s what The Aviator had to say:

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My Sunday Cup

This afternoon I am drinking from my Sunday cup. It’s one I haven’t used since before I lived in this house, which means I probably haven’t used it since becoming a mother.

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Monogrammed Dishcloths (M)

Over Christmas vacation, I borrowed some of my mom’s patterns to knit some dishcloths for myself, but being the eternal (and Southern) customizer that I am, I was aching for a dishrag with my own fancy monogram on it. After a thorough online search, I found nothing but plain ole patterns for block letters. Bleh! So I searched through my font library and decided to “roll my own” pattern. And here it is, for any of my knitting friends who happen to share the need for an M dishcloth.

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